Removal of contamination with laser clearing

Laser cleaning or laser cleaning is a modern cleaning technique. The advantage of laser cleaning is that it removes contamination on vulnerable surfaces without damaging this surface.

What is lasercleaning

Fast and durable way to remove rust without dismantling

Laser cleaning is an excellent solution for removing rust from ferrous materials. We adapt our sustainable and efficient cleaning method to the surface. The rust is removed with the right strength and immediately extracted without waste, in contrast to sandblasting.
In most cases, laser cleaning can also be applied without disassembly or transport. This makes laser cleaning faster and moreover more sustainable.
More about lasercleaning

What are the benefits of laser cleaning for clearing unwanted contamination?

  • With laser cleaning we remove rust without damaging the surface or parts
  • Laser cleaning means cleaning without residue, water or waste. So sustainable and environmentally conscious
  • Effective removal of pollution, graffiti, rust, salts, paint, varnish, coatings, etc.
  • Laser cleaning does not use any chemicals or abrasives
  • Also works great for machines and machine parts without having to remove them
  • Laser cleaning can be done at your location, so that nuisance is kept to a minimum and no transport is required.

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Laser cleaning is the new and innovative approach to surface treatment, for cleaning rust, paint or other pollution. Where traditional abrasive or chemical methods cause problems, there is no waste during laser cleaning work and the cleaned surface comes very close to the original finish.

Pieter de Mol, Dutch Decoating